Reinis Garkalns


The founder and manager of "Sports Center Jugla." A certified trainer for TRX individual training and group classes, as well as a master trainer for Escape Fitness and TOGU Academy in the Baltic States. In 2013, he was one of the few who introduced CrossFit classes to Latvia. Since then, he have regularly competed in CrossFit, functional fitness, strength, and endurance competitions. He also took an active interest in fighting sports, even participating in the grand TV show "Boxing Academy" and emerging victorious in the final fight. In April 2023, he participated in the fight show "LIEPĀJA FIGHT NIGHT 2023," achieving a convincing victory by technical knockout in a boxing match. Additionally, in 2023, he served as a physical fitness coach, participating in the preparation of NBS cadets for their involvement in a military competition at West Point in the USA.