Sibilla Šlēgelmilha

Sibilla is an extraordinary individual who embodies a diverse range of passions and roles. She is a nature walker, traveller, project manager, content creator, event organizer, and advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Her adventurous spirit has not only led her to be a part of the adventure film called "Project Bolivia," but it also took her to new heights as she climbed the 6008m volcano Uturuncu while being there. This showcases her fearless attitude towards exploration and her ability to take on exciting challenges. Sibilla's talents extend beyond her personal pursuits. She has organized the Playground festival for five years and has served as a content marketing manager and project manager for multiple years. She believes that true happiness lies in measuring achievements based on feelings rather than diplomas. Sibilla recognizes that life is too short and too precious to settle for just an "okay" existence.