Supporting soldier families

Edgars Ozoliņš (born June 21, 1985, died August 11, 2008), private first class, was one of the victims of the war in Afghanistan. Commander of the Grand Cross of the Order of Viestura (2010).

In June 2008, Major General Ozoliņš arrived in Afghanistan as part of the Latvian NBS contingent. Died on August 11, 2008 from injuries sustained in a mine explosion. Three soldiers of the National Armed Forces (NBS) contingent were also injured in the explosion of the bomb planted by the rebels. The accident happened in the city of Meimen, when Latvian soldiers were escorting press representatives.

In November 2023, our team helped the father of the deceased, Edgars Ozoliņš, and paid for his complex operation. 

We always try to help the families of fallen soldiers, as we understand that they have lost their closest people, their support. In addition to moral difficulties, they also face financial difficulties, and we understand that it is very difficult to overcome all this alone.

In order to be able to provide such support, we regularly transfer a percentage of income to our Veterans Fund.

Doing good things is not difficult, and by buying our coffee, you are also helping those people who need it the most!