On February 14, 2023,, together with, had the honor of hosting the opening of a thought-provoking outdoor photography exhibition “Days of Ukraine in Riga” dedicated to the anniversary of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The opening of the photo exhibition took place with the participation of the Ambassador of Ukraine Oleksandr Mishchenko, the Chairman of the Committee on Defense, Internal Affairs and Prevention of Corruption of the Parliament of Latvia, the Deputy Chairman of the Ukraine-Latvia Friendship Group Raimonds Bergmanis, the Chairman of the Confederation of Ukrainians of Latvia "Viche" Oksana Sichko and the director of the Latvian military ammunition store Armands Ikalis. took part in this photo exhibition as one of the largest military goods stores in Latvia and as the only military coffee brand that supports Latvian veterans and the people of Ukraine, and is a reliable partner of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Latvia.

The exhibition “Days of Ukraine in Riga” was shown on the big screen in the window of the and stores, emphasized the unity and unwavering support from and our entire Latvian community for Ukraine.

All week, when this exhibition continued, we watched the reaction of passers-by. Someone hid tears in their eyes, someone turned away and wanted to quickly pass by the shop window where photos of the ongoing tragedies in Ukraine were visible, and someone stood and stared at each photo for a long time with pain in his eyes. We understood the feelings of each of these people. We all went through these feelings during this brutal war. But each of us is doing everything he can to ensure that this war ends, and the Ukrainian people return the peaceful sky over their heads as soon as possible.

This initiative would not have taken place without our deep-rooted partnership with the Embassy of Ukraine, for which we are very grateful to them and for their trust in our participation in the collection and shipment of military equipment for the valiant Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We also express our gratitude to all the distinguished individuals who joined us to commemorate this significant event, reaffirming our collective support for the Ukrainian people!

We want to continue to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, glorifying its courage and steadfastness of spirit in the face of adversity!

Let's do it together! Slava Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! 🇱🇻🙏🇺🇦