LEGENDARY Ziedonis Ločmelis

A veteran holding Mil-Coffee beans packageIn the bustling world of coffee, where flavors and stories intertwine, there are often hidden tales of compassion and solidarity. Mil-Coffee, a vibrant coffee company born out of passion and friendship, stands as an example of how a community can rally together for a noble cause.

From its inception, one of the driving forces behind the establishment was to support their dear friend, soldier and actor Ziedonis Ločmelis, with his medical expenses.

Although Ziedonis has since passed away, Mil-Coffee remains steadfast in their commitment, ensuring his memory lives on while continuing to provide support to others in need.

Ziedonis Ločmelis, a dedicated individual, served as both a National Armed Forces soldier and an actor. He contributed his skills and expertise to various divisions, including the NBS Special Tasks Unit, Land Forces, and the National Guard. Throughout his military journey, he partook in multiple international peacekeeping missions as a proud member of the Latvian contingent.

Following his military service, he spent several years working in the private sector as a bodyguard. Additionally, he made significant contributions to the NBS as a civilian employee and actively engaged in training young guards as an instructor.

Ziedonis Ločmelis also made a name for himself in the film industry, appearing in over 40 Latvian and foreign films. Beyond acting, he delved into creative pursuits, writing poetry and crafting medieval weapons and ornaments. His diverse talents showcased his artistic spirit and passion for expression

His metal creations were also used in the Latvian feature film "Nameja gredzens". For his role in the domestic film "Džimlai Rūdi Rallalla", the actor won the cinema award "Lielais Kristaps" in the category: best actor in a supporting role.

Ločmelis valiantly battled Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer affecting the lymphatic system. Throughout his health struggles, he faced significant medical challenges that demanded extensive care and financial assistance. Recognizing the urgency of his situation, the Mil-Coffee team took a proactive stance by utilizing a portion of their sales to raise awareness and contribute towards his medical expenses.

In the wake of Ziedonis' passing, Mil-Coffee expanded their philanthropic efforts beyond medical support, adopting a more comprehensive approach to aid the veteran community. Their dedication now encompasses assisting veterans in various capacities, ensuring ongoing assistance during times of hardship.

Although the loss of Ziedonis left an indelible void, his memory continues to serve as a profound inspiration for Mil-Coffee's unwavering commitment to philanthropy. With every cup of coffee served, they pay tribute to their cherished friend while uplifting and supporting others within their community.